Designing interfaces for a horizontal computing surface

The new generation of computing technology powered by big data, augmented reality, IoT and so on will change the way we live and work. Technology will take on a role as partner as it becomes more immersive and natural.

Team size

5 + Agency


Design, product research


2016, months


Dell Advanced UX studio

Cohesive visions of the future

At the Next Gen product design studio at Dell, we set out frameworks for future products in a series of industries. We analyze broader technological trends such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and personalization, and try to create a vision of how these new technologies can be applied to make our lifes better. In setting out those visions, we try to look at the bigger picture to see how the pieces fit together instead of merely coming up with applications in isolation, and ensure they align with Dell's transition to becoming a leading cloud infrastrucutre provider.

The visions are set out in a series of videos, illustrating them in scenarios which make the added value of these technologies apparent. The videos are produced by PostPanic. Guiding interfaces and storylines were defined at Dell.

Most of my time on this project was spent researching applications of new technology so that they could be used to form a logical storyline, and figuring out what kind of novel interactions could be enabled by these new technologies.



The scenario showcases the advent of mobile and contextual computing, the power of AI and the possibilities of AR, and explores the future of healthcare through Li's turbulent pregnancy. Broad and proactive diagnosis, enabled by specialized sensors and tailored wearables is taken over by AI and large scale data analysis. Realizing the importance of a human touch in a world where so much is delegated to computers, Li's personal health manager acts as a liaision between Li and the service providers around her, intimately tailoring Li's treatment.

Advances in medicine and pharmaceuticals will soon allow medication to be tailored to an individual, printing and dispensing drugs locally and on-demand.s



Narrated through the voice of the game character that is being created, this scenario shows the powerful symbiosis between creatives and new AI tools. In this future vision, we highlight how a collaboration with, rather than a replacement by AI can drive business decisions and open up new avenues of exploration. Room-scale interactions and specialized AR tools will allow new forms of (remote) collaboration, and tighter coupling between software and will enable closed feedback loops between development and business.



Banks are no longer the large faceless corporations that are trying to get you to sign off on a loan. Instead, through their established knowledge and consultant-level expert knowledge, banks of the future have become indispensible project partners, effectively acting as tiny incubators that bundle the required resources to turn your project into a success.

Where it all begins

Pictures of some of the many collaborative whiteboard sessions where we hashed out the storyline and interactions